What You Need to Know about Frozen Pipes Keyport

One of the common problems that homeowners face is frozen pipes Keyport. In this post, we share some of the important things you need to know about frozen pipes. For plumbing repairs Keyport, call technicians at Apollo Sewer & Plumbing. Our experienced and friendly plumbers will help with any kind of repair. More can be found here.

Things that Cause Water Supply Lines to Freeze

During winter, temperatures drop below freezing. Water in the pipes will freeze and cause it to expand. Since water pipes tend to contain limited space, the expanding water increases the pressure in the pipes, making them burst. Visit more about Signs of Frozen Pipes Keyport.

Warning Signs of Frozen Pipes

If you think that you might have frozen pipes, here are the signs to help you know. If you come across any of these signs, make sure you call Apollo Sewer & Plumbing for professional help. 

  • Low or no water flowing 
  • Frost on the water pipes
  • Strange smells

What to Do If Your Water Pipes Freeze

If you think that your water pipes are frozen, you need to contact a professional to assist you in solving the problem. But before that, you can switch off the main water supply and switch on the faucet. This is to help lessen the pressure in the water pipes to prevent the possibility of bursting.

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