What to do When You Have Frozen Pipes Keyport

If your water supply lines are frozen, there are some things you can to minimize the damage and eliminate the ice plus. Once you have noticed that you have frozen pipes Keyport, you can take a few steps to thaw the pipes. Nevertheless, be careful when attempting to unfreeze the pipes. If any of the pipes are broken, thawing them will lead to water damage. For burst pipes, the best thing to do is switch off the water at the main valve and call a professional plumber from Apollo Sewer & Plumbing. Our technician will resolve the issues before warm temperatures unfreeze your water supply lines and cause flooding. Visit this link for more information.

Steps to Take

If the water pipes are not broken, you can take these steps to unfreeze them and reinstate running water.

  1. The first thing to do is turn off the faucet. While the ice plug in your water supply lines starts to melt, you need to ensure that water flows through the pipes. The flowing water will melt down the remaining ice.
  2. Heat the frozen section of the pipe if the pipes are accessible. You can use a portable heater, electric hair dryer, or wrap the pipe with an electric heating pad.
  3. Continue heating the pipes until water pressure is reinstated. Read about Steps to Thaw Frozen Pipes Keyport here.

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