Visit Keyport Waterfront Park

If you are looking for a place just to chill and unwind, then Keyport Waterfront Park is the place for you. The park is very peaceful, ambient and ideal for anyone who is looking to escape the world for a moment or commonly known as “me time.” Click here for facts about  Keyport, NJ.

Beautiful Scenery

Any sane human being would agree that views by the water are some of the best in the world. At Keyport Waterfront Park, that is precisely what you get. There are gazebos and a small pier if you want to get close to the water. Safety is also accounted for, and there are some metal railings that were added around the area after Hurricane Sandy to keep everyone safe. See here for information about The F-Series. 

Ideal Picnic Site

The beautiful park has some walking trails for those who enjoy a brief nature walk and like to soak in the beautiful atmosphere with the birds singing and everything else. There are also benches in place for a fun family picnic. The place is suitable for all sorts of people, whether you are alone, with a group of friends, with your significant other or even with your family.

 You can also head to the promenade for some fishing or bring a boat to the boat launch and head out on the water.