The Highest Point On The East Coast Shoreline Is In Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey

The Mount Mitchell Scenic Overlook In Atlantic HIghlands, New Jersey Is A Local Must-See

This lookout point in Atlantic HIghlands, New Jersey is the highest point on the eastern seaboard between Maine and the Yucatan. Not only will the view bring tears to your eyes, what makes this destination especially emotional is Monmouth County’s 9/11 Memorial. See more here.

The Atlantic’s Peak

Spanning over 12 acres, this park and trail takes hikers up 266 feet to visions of the shore, Sandy Hook Bay, Raritan Bay and even the New York skyline. As the highest natural point on this U.S. shoreline, the views are spectacular and best enjoy during the sunrise if you can manage to get there early enough. See here for information about Playing Hookie In Montrose, New Jersey.

Remembering Those Lost

Monmouth County lost 147 beloved residents in the terrorist attacks of 9/11. The wounds were deep and the community needed healing. One of their projects built to commemorate the victims was the 9/11 Memorial located in the very same Mount Mitchell. The path leading up to the monument recounts the events including a black granite stone engraved with the names and ages of the residents lost to the terrible events of that day.

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