The F-Series

If you are a racing fan then this is definitely a place worth a visit while in Keyport. For those that are big fans of the IndyCar series or are fervent followers of the Formula One World Championship, the F-Series track is guaranteed to satisfy your racing fever. People from all over the country come down to New Jersey for this racing series. Find more information here.

Go Watch Some Racing

The F-Series has always been the home of some of the best amateur racing in New Jersey. The goal of the series has been to create an atmosphere in karting that would be exciting and inviting to anyone from pro to newcomer. The State Championship has been designed with the same intention but also creates a continuity that would allow for a better latter system onto the main stage of the Gearup Challenge. The engine structures are similar, and so is the technical rules package, which makes the racing very competitive and fun to watch. Discover facts about New Jersey Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial and Vietnam Era Museum.

With a calendar that runs from March all the way to November, you are guaranteed to find some piece of action regardless of the time of the year. An excellent place to meet new people and fuel your passion for open-wheel racing.