The Early Economy Of Old Bridge Township, New Jersey

Before The Tech-Boom Most Old Bridge Township, New Jersey Jobs Focused On Physical Labor And Resource Management

Old Town Bridge Township, New Jersey had a delicate ecosystem when it was first coming into its own. The Industrialization Era swept through this town and provided a lot of agricultural work to be done. This small glimpse at their economy shows the foundations that built the town that you see today. Further facts about City of Keyport, NJ can be found here.

Mill Irrigation Streams

Water power was the most valuable source of energy for a good chunk of human history. Mills were first used to finish wool cloth, manufacture snuff (chewing tobacco) and power some of the first telephones. Most of these mills became defunct and were passed over to more updated sources of water energy and grid converter technology. This, however, accounts for the many small streams that branch off of the river. Information about Radio Astronomy’s Birth In Holmdel, NJ can be found here.

Clay Manufacturing

This area is also full of clay soil—a popular resource for the indigenous American Tribe, the Lenape. When the Dutch arrived, they learned about the resource and its versatile uses, provoking the spark of the industry as they popularized clay pottery and traded the raw clay to nearby Hudson Valley, Norwalk, Connecticut and up to Canada.

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