Steps to Thaw Frozen Pipes Keyport

If you notice any signs of frozen pipes Keyport, you might have some time to thaw them before they burst and lead to water damage. Here is what you need to do. Keyport, NJ can be seen here.

Find Out Which Water Supply Lines are Frozen

In case you turn on the faucet and water doesn’t come out, that’s a sign that you might have frozen pipes. Check under the since to see if there is frost on the pipes or bulges in the water supply lines. Click here to read about The Causes of Frozen Pipes Keyport.

Open the Faucet

In a similar way, you switch on the faucets to stop the pipes from freezing and keep water running; you can also turn on the faucet to relieve pressure. However, make sure you turn both hot and cold water full throttle as you try to thaw the water pipes.

Apply Warmth or Heat Beginning at the Faucet

If you can access the water supply lines you think are frozen, begin at the faucet as you work down with a heating source like hairdryer, hot towels or electric heating cable.

If you can’t access the pipes, the best thing to do is call a professional plumber from Apollo Sewer & Plumbing.

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