Signs that You Have Keyport Frozen Pipes

The cold seasons bring some home maintenance issues that all homeowners must know. Once the temperature reduces, one major problem that could arise is Keyport frozen pipes. Here is how to know if your pipe is frozen. Keyport, NJ information can be seen at this link.

The Temperature is Ok

Pipes can’t freeze unless it’s cold. Water doesn’t freeze when the temperature outside is 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and neither do water pipes. When temperature reduces to below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, you need to start taking measures to avert pipes from freezing. Discover facts about How to Choose a Keyport Septic Installation Company.

Frost On the Pipes

For those pipes that are visible, you might see the accumulated frost on the outside of the pipe. This will serve a sign that you have frozen pipes.

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Water Not Coming Out of the Faucet

Another great sign you might have frozen pipes is a lack of running water. If you switch on the bathroom or kitchen faucet and water doesn’t come out. That means that the pipe leading to the bathroom faucet is frozen.

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The moment you realize that your pipes are frozen, you need to act fast by hiring a plumbing company like Apollo Sewer & Plumbing to thaw the pipes. Our professionals will fix the problem quickly.