Revitalizing Cliffwood Beach, New Jersey

After Surviving Decades Of Tropical Storms And Hurricanes, Cliffwood Beach, New Jersey Has Fallen Behind On Repairs

Due to many complaints about the environmental hygiene of Cliffwood Beach, New Jersey, the Aberdeen Township Department of Parks and Recreation has added improvements to the area in an effort to revive a long lost tourist economy and failing ecosystem. Information can be found here.

A Forgotten Amusement Park

At one point, this beach was home to a pier, clean waters and clear pathways that highlighted the beautiful Matawa shoreline. Tourism was a big source of the Aberdeen Township’s income until Hurrican Donna struck the small town in 1960. As soon as the community would to restore the beach to its former glory, another storm would hit. This came to a boiling point when Tropical Storm Sandy caused commercial runoff into the water, temporarily increasing the amount of lead in the water prompting warnings about unsafe swimming conditions. See here for information about The Best Restaurants in Centerville, New Jersey.

Reviving A Tourist Friendly Community

Until recent years, the beachside had been neglected by local departments when earlier attempts appeared fruitless due to the storms and structural problems in the original blue prints. In 2017, however, the Parks Department implemented a plan to clean the beach and build new amenities. Since then, they have built the Aberdeen Sea Walk and Veterans Park to show their dedication to restoring the waterfront along Raritan Bay.

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