Playing Hookie In Montrose, New Jersey

Have The Day Off In Montrose, New Jersey? Enjoy It At 4JG Orchards & Vineyards

When you think about wine country, you probably don’t think about Montrose, New Jersey. Well, start thinking about it! This small vineyard started in 1999 and received numerous awards for their careful wine-making within a few years of being open. Keyport, NJ  information can be seen at this link.

The Giunco Family

This winery is located in North Central New Jersey on a farming plot that goes back for generations. After this small family bought the land, they quickly learned that the soil in Monmouth County is surprisingly fertile for grapes. Thus they created 4JG, which stands for the four founding members of the business. Discover facts about Phoenix Productions Brings Art And Community To Red Bank, New Jersey.

Traditions Passed Down The Grapevine

4JG is supported by some of the best winemakers in the country, carefully selecting the best grapes and pruning the vines with care during the winter. Every detail is taken into consideration to provide the aging wine with perfect crafting, sufficient sunlight and clean water. They only use the best grapes for the best results—and it shows! Their first barrel, the Chambourcin Riserva won the 2004 NJ Wine Competition and then went on to win a medal in the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition.

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