Old Bridge, NJ – An Overview of the Town

Old Bridge Township, NJ is a town in Middlesex County, NJ, United States. It is one of the townships that form a part of Somerset County. As of the 2020 U.S. Census, the town had a population of 62,814, representing an increase of 5,766 from the last census. The population of this small town in the municipality of Parsippany is made up of a variety of people and has changed over time to include several ethnic groups, as well as several nationalities. See more here.

When Old Bridge was first formed, it consisted of two separate areas, located along the Delaware River in the town of Essex, NJ. The townships of Essex and North Brunswick were separated from each other by a narrow causeway, which ran from the west side of Essex all the way to the New Jersey Turnpike. The reason for the division of Old Bridge was because the creek that flows through the town was considered to be too hazardous for public use at that time, so the town opted to separate the area. In addition to these areas, the town also developed an outer portion, including several farms and forests, a park, and a small airport. Eventually, all of the development that occurred in the townships of Essex and North Brunswick became part of the municipality of Old Bridge. Since then, various subdivisions, including the subdivision known as the “Southside,” have been added onto the town, and this has increased its population. See here for information about A Short Description of Montrose, NJ.

While Old Bridge was initially developed as two separate townships, it now consists of a single city. Old Bridge City, NJ, consists of a small airport and a few retail establishments, but no major businesses. Because of the small size of the town, there are no significant roads or rail lines in the area, so there are some limited sources of public transportation, such as a shuttle bus in the downtown area. Most residents take public transportation into the center of the town, where they can get to their various destinations throughout the town. The Old Bridge train station is the only major train station in the town, providing a great means of transportation to all of the surrounding towns and villages.

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