Middletown, NJ – An Important Town in the Monmouth County

Middletown, New Jersey is a township within Monmouth County, United States of America. As of the last United States Census, the town had a population of 66,022, making it the ninth-largest town in Monmouth County. This township is bordered by Monmouth Beach and Ocean View, Monmouth Junction, Monmouth Lake, and Atlantic City. The town was incorporated into Monmouth County on June 5, 1966. More can be found here.

As of this writing, there are several businesses that have their headquarters or other operations in Middletown, New Jersey. There are three major hospitals in this town, namely the Monmouth Medical Center in Monmouth Beach, the New York Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center in Ocean View, and the Montefiore Medical Center in Montefiore. Middletown is also home to numerous small businesses that include restaurants and grocery stores. The city’s population is mainly made up of people who live in the suburbs. There are also people who own farms in the area. Visit more about Matawan, NJ – A Community on the Rise.

Although it is smaller than a major city like New York, Middletown has developed into a major metropolis. The Monmouth County Board of Health maintains a website that gives statistics and information on the number of births, deaths, and divorces recorded in this town. The population density of this city is two people per square mile. It is also home to a number of schools, including the Monmouth Technical High School. This is also the hometown of future New Jersey Governor and U.S. Senator William Weld and former Monmouth County Executive Tom O’Dowd.

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