How to Prevent Frozen Pipes Keyport

It’s extremely easy for pipes to freeze during winter. Luckily, it’s easy to protect the pipes from low temperatures. Apollo Sewer & Plumbing shares some of the tips to help you keep the pipes from freezing. Learn more here.

Insulating the Pipes

The most effective way to prevent your pipes from freezing is to buy designed pipe insulation. Pipe insulation is always cheap, and it’s a small investment compared to the repair expenses of burst pipes. Learn more about What You Must Do Immediately About Frozen Pipes Keyport.

Keep Garage Doors Closed

Keeping the garage doors closed all the time is another effective way to keep the pipes from freezing. This is specifically important if the pipes pass through the garage. In most cases, garages have smooth concrete that keeps the room cold. The room is cold already, and you don’t have to let in freezing air to reduce the general temperature in the garage. An open garage door leaves water pipes vulnerable to freezing. 

Open the Cabinets

Occasionally, open kitchen and bathroom cabinets to allow warm air circulate the plumbing. The warm air will help avert ice blockages and pressure accumulation in the water supply lines.

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