Double Down II Sport Fishing Charters

If you are up for a day out in the waters fishing, then you should give this a real good consideration. The Double Down II is Keyport’s best private fishing charter. It services the following areas; Raritan Bay, New York Harbor, and New Jersey’s near-coastal waters. Learn more here.

The Best Fishing Experience

Based on testimonials from past tourists that have gone fishing with Double Down II Sport Fishing Charters, the company will give you the best fishing experience. Especially if you are a beginner looking to try out fishing for the first time, then this is it for you. The Captain, Captain Danny, is very friendly and professional and will guide you through the whole experience. He has a lot of experience in the activity and therefore knows the fish hotspots and where you have high chances of making a good catch. Learn more about Visit Keyport Waterfront Park.

Experienced and Professional Staff

As mentioned, the Captain has vast experience on these waters, and he is your best chance of a good catch. Captain Dan’s local knowledge and experience takes full advantage whether fishing with fresh clam bellies, netted bunker (either live lining or chunking), or trolling bunker spoons or shad rigs. Captain Dan knows what’s working and where to go.